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WTC offers a wide array of IT services from vCxO in a box to affordable maintenance plans. We specialize in designing and implementing infrastructure/architecture solutions for 24/7 up-time. Our technicians design and monitor your entire infrastructure, including servers, workstations and key points of failure such as routers, switches, firewalls, and all other network electronics, ensuring that you experience maximum up time.
We are extremely passionate about providing best in class IT services.


  • Support of all Microsoft Enterprise level Server software, including but not limited to Exchange, SQL, SharePoint.
  • Support for all Workstation hardware and software. This includes enterprise migrations to the most current Microsoft OS and Office versions.
  • Resource planning for network infrastructures and business expansion.
  • Advanced SQL and Oracle design and support.
  • Microsoft Exchange and 365 email high availability solutions.
  • Hosting and managing private, hybrid and public cloud assets.
  • Integrating todays and tomorrow’s high tech security solutions (see our security on this website).


  • Contact us for more details. We can customize your needs into sustainable solutions.


  • The role of the CIO is changing – WTC provides virtual “Transformational CIO” Who has complete responsibility for all IT related tasks for a specific project or predetermined time. This includes providing onsite expertise in managing all the WTC type services listed and training existing staff to support long term transformation change. Today’s IT team must be experienced in more than IT “stuff.” They need know how to work with customers and partners. This is typically a 6-to-12-month engagement for major infrastructure projects where onsite leadership and transformational change is needed.
  • Outsourcing some or all IT related responsibilities and staffing.


  • Telephone systems consulting.
  • Design and engineering.
  • Project Management.
  • Professional installations and training.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance.
  • Continuous help desk support.


  • Low‐voltage data, voice and video cabling.
  • CATV systems cabling.
  • Data Center design.
  • Wireless systems.
  • Camera security solutions


  • Network consulting and design.
  • Hardware and application installation.
  • Continuous help desk support.
  • Onsite trouble‐shooting.
  • Remote access  and monitoring.
  • Cloud migration and hybrid cloud management.

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