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We provide our partners with "IT Peace of Mind" so they may execute daily production of their core business.

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CIO In a Box

CIO In a Box

Our Chief Information Officer support program (CIO in a Box) takes on complete responsibility for all of your IT related tasks for a specific project or for a pre-determined time. This includes providing onsite expertise in managing all the services we offer as well as training your existing staff for long term support.

Leading Edge Migration

Leading Edge Migration

To maximize resources we’re able to provide physical to virtual migration, with no production down time, using VMWare® or HyperV™. Migration of all or part of the infrastructure to offsite-hosted facilities is done, again, without production down time.

Technology Management

Technology Management

Technology management includes upgrading all Microsoft® Enterprise level server software as well as your base server OS, Exchange, SQL and SharePoint®. We also upgrade your workstation hardware and software that includes enterprise migration to Windows and Office™ as well as replacing physical workstation hardware.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

For disaster recovery, this includes hardware redundancy and data replication across multiple sites. You are then assured that there is 100% uptime even during unexpected events.

Why WTC?

With Us, You’re Family

We will provide immediate solutions for your growing IT requirements. What sets WTC apart is your company’s big picture is important to us. We want you to be a 100 year company along with us. Careful planning and goal setting are part of the service. We are here for the life of your company.

Custom Solutions

Every business is different and therefore their IT needs are too. WTC tailor fits your IT environment based on YOUR needs. Every one of our customers is treated as the first. We start with a solid foundation and custom architect hardware, software, and storage needs around your demands. Since your business is unique, your IT solutions should be as custom as  you are.

Latest News

  • WTC offers a wide array of Information Technology Services that include designing and implementing infrastructure/architecture solutions for 24/7 up-time. Your dedicated team of technicians design and monitor your entire infrastructure including servers, workstations and key points of failures such as routers, switches, firewalls and all...

  • Your designated support team will be involved in every aspect of the onboarding process. They will know you by name and have a full understanding of your IT infrastructure to resolve support requests quickly and accurately. Remote monitoring tools are utilized to take a  proactive...

  • We guarantee an effective and knowledgeable analysis for your business. Our history of success in providing solutions specific to our clients’ business needs speaks for itself.Whether your business is looking for an entirely new solution or a trusted support  team for your current environment you...

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